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Thank you for your interest in our program! Here is some information about our team:


We play in the MACHA league in the silver division

We are a ACHA DIII team in the Pacific division

We have been with the ACHA since 2005

Practices & Games:

We play and practice at the John Breslow Ice Hockey Center, located next to UNL’s campus.

We practice 3 days a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Your equipment can be left at the rink during our season.

The team will play about 30 games next year.

Most of our games are played on Fridays and Saturdays, with an occasional game on Sunday.

For away games, we travel by bus and usually leave on Friday mornings, so don’t have a heavy class schedule on Fridays.

We will most likely start practice the first day of classes.

There are no tryouts.

We have been averaging about 25 – 30 players on the team for the last couple of seasons.

I can only roster 21 players a game, so players are scratched for any number of reasons.

Academic Requirements:

To play in the ACHA, you need to be registered as a full time student (12 hours for undergrad), pass at least 9 credit hours each semester, and maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.


Fees are based on the year’s budget and are determined by the players/Elected Officers.  Call and talk to the coaching staff or Elected Officers to get the fee amount per your position.

In addition to fees, players will need to purchase red gloves and a red helmet of your choosing.

Also, players are required to purchase team attire, which will be done through one of our current players.

Player fees are usually divided into two payments. Team officers can work out a payment plan, if needed.

You will need full protective equipment, including a helmet cage or bubble, to practice.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I will also forward your email to our players in town, to see if they can meet with you during your visit. I will also try to be available to meet with you, (402 -480-0904) my work phone.

Larry Taylor

Head Coach

University of Nebraska Men’s Hockey