Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Recent History

In 1994 the University of Nebraska Men’s Hockey non varsity team was reformed by students who drove to Omaha to practice. In 1996 the Ice Box opened in Lincoln and the team started using the Ice Box for practice and games. During the next few years there were no long term goals of the team until spring 2005 when several members of the team asked Larry Taylor to be the head coach of the University of Nebraska men’s hockey team. Larry accepted the position with the help of Linda Amsbaugh and the Recreation Department of the University of Nebraska. Under Larry, Linda, and the Recreation Department’s guidance the team joined the ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association) as a member of the M2 division. In the fall of 2005 the team had established a schedule with other M2 and M3 ACHA teams and began play. During that first ACHA season Mark Champion upon hearing of the team joined forces with Larry and Linda to form the present staff for team operations.

Because of the intense use of the Ice Box the team could not schedule home games at reasonable times. So for the 2006 season the team found a new home for games at the Sidner Ice Arena in Fremont, NE where they now play hone games. The team uses the Ice Box for practices. See below for details of the new Breslow Ice Center.

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1972-1973 Husker Hockey Team

Front Row: Larry Richling, Steve Maher (A), Mark Champion (C), Ross Scrivens (A), John Zimola
Middle Row: Danny Farnum, Craig Smith, John Larson, Mark White, Jeff Lasley, Greg Robey, Gary Lord
Back Row: Gary Irwin, Rick Herman, Tore Arneson, Steve Jacobs, John Gau

1973-1974 Husker Hockey Team

Front Row: Mgr Gary Bosanek, Tom Davis, Coach Frank Bosanek, Mark Champion (C), Coach (Name), Larry Richling
Middle Row: Rick Herman, Scott Anfinson, Steve Maher, Mark White (A), Craig Smith (A), Bill Erickson, Asst Coach Elmer Davis
Back Row: Larry Batson, Steve Jacobs, Keith Ware, John Gau, Steve Jensen, Mgr Elmer Davis

1974-1975 Husker Hockey Team

Front Row: Gary Irwin, Ross Scrivens, Tom Davis, Billy Erickson, Guy Hawkins, Mark White (A)
Back Row: Rick Herman, Steve Maher, Mark Champion (C), Rick Bruneteau, (Name), Mgr Elmer Davis

1975-1976 Husker Hockey Team

Front Row: Guy Hawkins, Mark White (A), Mark Champion (C), Tom Davis, Ross Scrivens, Rick Bruneteau, Dominic Zappia
Back Row: Mgr Elmer Davis, John Larsen, Craig Smith (A), Coach Frank Bosanek, Steve Maher, John Gilmore, Steve Woods, (Name)